Where the lease requires Lessor’s Consent and / or Registration of each new Tenancy Agreement, you must ensure that you comply with this requirement within any time frame stipulated therein.

These requirements are contained within the lease so that the Lessor maintains an awareness of the current occupants and can ensure that any subletting arrangement complies with the lease and does not adversely affect the rights of any neighbouring owner.

We will write to you from time to time where your lease contains such a requirement.  We kindly ask that you complete one of our simple online forms so that we can update our records.

Our Requirements

We require the terms of the lease to be complied with in respect of all Consent and / or Registration requirements.  This means that we must be informed of each new Tenancy Agreement granted.  This includes new Tenancy Agreements with existing Tenants.

All subletting must be by way of an assured short-hold tenancy agreement, not less than 6 months and no more than 3 years.

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