Consent to install new windows or doors at your property will be granted strictly in accordance with the property lease.

Where the installation affects the structure of the building – for example, you wish to replace a window with a door, or create a new window or door – we are going to require expert advice from an independent Surveyor and / or Structural Engineer.  Where this is the case, we will seek to contact you in this regard within 14 days.

Installing New Windows/Doors

Any installation must be undertaken by a suitably qualified and accredited firm and must meet all relevant standards for fire safety and efficiency.  The two largest independent accreditation bodies are FENSA and Certass.  Any new installation should match closely with the existing style, design and colour.

Where scaffolding is required during the installation, you will be responsible for any health and safety requirements and you will also need to ensure that all waste materials are removed from site immediately.  If applicable, you should liaise directly with the Managing Agent responsible for your service charges in this regard.

Consent Certificate

Where Landlord’s Consent can be granted under the lease, we will send you a Consent Certificate on behalf of the Landlord.


We seek to process all applications within 14 days.

Please note; Consent is not granted until the Certificate has been provided for and on behalf of the Landlord.

Our Fee Structure

Please click here to view our Landlord's Consent fee structure for online applications. 

Our Application Fee is non-refundable in the event that our client's Consent is not required.  Please be sure to check the Lease before making an Application.

Making an Application

To apply for Consent for Window/Door installation, please click here.  You should ensure that all relevant documentation is attached to your application to avoid delays.