Installation of any boiler which requires a new flue exit in an external wall is unlikely to be permitted under the property lease.  However, where the new flue exit is required to meet current regulatory standards, we will consider granting Landlord’s Consent outside of the terms of the lease.

Installation must be undertaken by a suitably qualified and accredited firm, and any installation must meet all relevant gas safety standards and where applicable, building control regulations.

Boiler Licence

Where Landlord’s Consent is to be granted, our Legal Team will be required to draft a Boiler Licence.  We will seek to contact you as quickly as possible to set out any further requirements in this regard.

Once the Licence has been prepared, this will be sent to you for signature electronically, via industry leading, secure, electronic signature software.  Signing electronically will take just a few clicks so should be simple and straightforward for you.

Upon receipt of your signed Licence, we will sign and complete the Licence on behalf of the Landlord.  You will be sent the final executed documents upon completion.

We will seek to correspond electronically wherever possible.


Whilst every effort will be made to complete the process more quickly, you should allow 28 days to receive Landlord’s Consent.

Please note; Consent is not granted until the Licence has been signed for and on behalf of the Landlord.

Our Fee Structure

Please click here to view our Landlord's Consent fee structure for online applications. 

Our Application Fee is non-refundable in the event that our client's Consent is not required.  Please be sure to check the Lease before making an Application.

Making an Application

To apply for Landlord’s Consent for Boiler installation, please click here.  You should ensure that all relevant supporting documents are attached to your application to avoid delays.