If we have contacted you to inform you that your Ground Rent has increased, please click here to access the relevant supporting documentation.  This is available to access free of charge through our secure Tenant Portal.

Each individual property lease will set out the frequency and method of calculation for any Rent Review, and we seek to process all Reviews as close to the Review dates as possible.

Where Ground Rent increases, the lease will typically contain one of three different types of Rent Review method:


The lease sets out the specific increase in Ground Rent due upon each Rent Review.

Index Linked

The lease prescribes a specific index, which is published independently by the Office for National Statistics, and the Ground Rent increases in line with this index.

Market Value Based

The lease prescribes a specific formula to increase the Ground Rent in line with any increase in the value of the property.

Where a valuation is required in order to calculate any Ground Rent increase, the advice we receive is for our client's use only and we are unable to share this with you.

Wherever possible, we will provide all relevant information in a simplified form.